Another way in which the company differentiates itself is through its personnel.  This begins with the owners of the company.  The experiences the owners have received outside of the cleaning industry have enabled the operations of the business to be conducted to exceed customer expectations.  The owners continually strive to surround themselves with quality personnel who represent themselves to the highest possible standards.

Joe McAbier:
Prior to purchasing the company in 1986, Joe was a successful executive in corporate America.  In his nearly 30 years as an executive, he developed a successful, common-sense management style that was based on viewing both sides of a situation.  He instilled the belief that perception and response are the most vital aspects of addressing any issue.  It is important to look through the eyes of a customer and react accordingly to ensure the best interests of the relationship are maintained.  He is responsible for creating the driven approach to quality in our organization and implementing it into our processes.  Joe retired in the late 1990’s, but remains a passive investor in the Company

Jay McAbier:
A Cum Laude graduate of Ohio University’s College of Business with a degree in Marketing and a Suma Cum Laude graduate of Cleveland State University with a degree in Master’s in Business Administration, Jay not only has the experience of a front-line cleaner, but the education to propel the company to its future.  His extensive knowledge of the needs of the cleaning industry was developed in the 20+ years he has devoted to facility services.  Beginning as a front-line cleaner at an early age, before forming a partnership with Joe in 1995, there is nothing Jay asks of his staff that he himself has not done.  To date, he still maintains his certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration as a Certified Carpet Care Technician. 

While at Cleveland State University, Jay was awarded the Roemisch Research Foundation Fund Scholarship for the business plan he created for Professional Building Maintenance, Inc.

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