The services delivered by Professional Building Maintenance are differentiated in the industry through our business philosophies which are, in part, explained by our vision and mission statements.
Vision Statement: To lead the image of the cleaning industry by providing unsurpassed services to our customers through exceptional quality, integrity, and professionalism.
Mission Statement: To promote an environment that encourages consideration, empathy, and personal development that, in turn, will inspire individuals to achieve excellence.

The operations of the Company are guided toward its vision by the adherence to a group of four fundamental business principles:

  1. Professionalism will be displayed not only through our skills, but through the integrity of our character.
  2. We will add value to the pursuit of our customer’s mission.
  3. Mutually beneficial relationships will be the hallmark of operations.
  4. Continuous development will provide the means to longevity.

These four business principles can best be explained by the company’s quest to be viewed as a strategic partner to its customers.  Strategic partnerships ensure that our service goes far beyond nightly cleaning.  We will represent ourselves as one would expect within a professional atmosphere, with the customer’s best interests in mind.  We will not grow complacent and will continually strive to develop our operations to further advance the relationship with our customers.  Openness in communication is encouraged as it is vital to the success of the mutually beneficial relationship.

A customer’s perception of our services is the highest priority.  Honesty and integrity will not be compromised and will continue to be the foundation of our organization.  It is our goal to continually recruit and retain quality personnel who represent themselves to the highest possible standards in the industry.
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