Our History

On October 1, 1986, Joe McAbier, a corporate executive, left his employer of 20 plus years to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship by acquiring a small commercial cleaning company in Akron, Ohio.  Knowing what “clean” was, but having no idea of how to accomplish it in a commercial setting, proved quite challenging.  There was A LOT to learn in those beginning years as the cleaning industry was quite different than the culture within the corporate world.

The Company had been established for six years when the transfer of ownership occurred.  Joe’s leadership would transform it into an organization that brought integrity and professionalism to the cleaning industry.  Today, those characteristics remain ingrained into our business philosophies.

After working in the family business since its inception and upon his graduation from Ohio University in 1993, Jay McAbier (Joe’s son) began a full-time career with the Company.  A few short years later (1995), the two formed a partnership and operated as such until Joe’s retirement.  In 2010, Jay purchased Joe’s remaining shares of the Company and became sole owner.

Today, the company remains committed to delivering high-quality, professional services to customers who value the appearance of their facility and recognize cleaning as a value-added service. 

Meet the Owner: Jay McAbier

 A Cum Laude graduate of Ohio University’s College of Business with a degree in Marketing and a Suma Cum Laude graduate of Cleveland State University with a degree in Master’s in Business Administration, Jay not only has the experience of a front-line cleaner, but the education to propel the Company to its future.  His extensive knowledge of the needs of the cleaning industry was developed in the 30+ years he has devoted to facility services.  Beginning as a front-line cleaner at an early age, there is nothing Jay asks of his staff that he himself has not done.  While at Cleveland State University, Jay was awarded the Roemisch Research Foundation Fund Scholarship for the business plan he created for Professional Building Maintenance, Inc. 

Jay likes to spend his time away from work with his wife of 22 years, Tanja, and their two sons, Kyle and Carter.  He thrives to be outside in the woods, on the water, or in the snow snowboarding and snowmobiling.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Brad Herrick, Director of Operations, CBRE Healthcare Services Group

“Sometimes in business you question the decisions that you make. Thank you for making my decision to choose you and your company an easy one. I have never questioned choosing you and e-mails like this, where you have taken ownership and been proactive in addressing customer concerns, help re-enforce my thinking. Thanks and keep up the good work.”

Art Mighton, General Manager, Welker McKee

“I have been using PBM for over several years now.  Very impressive! They have been excellent at addressing our needs and have been reliable.  I am most impressed with their monthly inspection process they offer to us which ensures our expectations are meant so we have one less thing to monitor.  Two thumbs up.”

Nancy Ritchie, Office Manager, EQ - Ohio

 “I have been especially impressed with the service PBM has provided when we were having special events, i.e., open house, board meetings, or corporate visitors.  Whenever I have alerted the owner of the company, Jay McAbier, that I need some special or deep cleaning done for these events, he and the cleaning staff have gone out of their way to meet our needs.  Over the years, I have used several other companies and none of them can hold a candle to Professional Building Maintenance, Inc.  I would very highly recommend them for any organization's cleaning needs.”

Lynnette Stewart, Executive Director, Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center

 “Our facility is unique in that we have office space within a barn.  This means that there is A LOT more dirt and dust than a typical office setting.  Previous companies have had a difficult time keeping up with the level of cleaning needed.  In contrast, PBM has done an exceptional job. They are very reliable and thorough, and the owner of the company, Jay McAbier, checks in regularly to ensure that his employees are covering all areas needed.  Additionally, when we have had any extra service needed, Jay and his crew have responded in a very timely manner. We are extremely pleased and highly recommend Professional Building Maintenance.”

Chris Rudy, Account Operations Manager, CBRE Healthcare Services Group

“Wow, I have a bad habit of measuring people by if I would go to war with them. I would go to war with you. Your honesty and transparency is above board! I respect that and appreciate it Jay.”

Heidi Thomas, Access to Care, Cleveland Clinic

“Just wanted to let you know that the people from Akron are super pleased with the work your team did.  Especially Eric – whose office is the former kitchen. He stated “The carpet in my office looks and smells AMAZING! Thank you!!”  Thank you so very much!  Your team does excellent work."

Bill Kras, Group Manager, The RoviSys Company

“I think I heard that we hired a new cleaning company recently and I just wanted to say that your team has been doing a fantastic job. I didn’t realize how bad the other company was until I see what this new group is doing. My office is noticeably cleaner than it has ever been including dusting monitors and keyboards almost every night.”

Mark Murphy, Vice President, BEK Developers

“BTW you and your people are doing a great job and I for one appreciate the great service and taking care of my customer!”

Steve Martin, Office Services, Associated Estates Realty Corporation

“I was very impressed with your proposal and will be recommending PBM to my colleagues.  I have not come across a service yet, that I would recommend, but have now found one in PBM.”

Kile Kenny, Director, Methodist Preschool

“Thank you for getting back to me and I am so excited to tell you that YES, I want to go with your cleaning company because I know once we have confirmed this in writing I will never have to worry again about our preschool not being clean and that your company will do a magnificent job of keeping us sparkling...”

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